RISKETTAN (or “risk education part 1) is the first of two mandatory risk education courses where you, as a driver license student, gain knowledge about, and the chance to discuss, different types of risky behavior in traffic. For  instance, we go through:

  • How different kinds of distraction factors affect you as a driver. Such as fellow passengers, mobile phones, stress and fatigue.
  • The rules for drunk driving, drugs and fatigue in traffic.
  • How attitudes and behaviors affect you as a driver.
  • Statistics and accident proneness of demographic groups, such as women/men, younger/older.

Why are the risk course part 1 needed?

Firstly , you obviously need to go to Riskettan (the risk course part 1) because it is required to get a driver license. This means that you need to be aware of which rules apply in traffic , for example, alcohol and drugs. But the most important reason is to increase your own and others’ safety in traffic. A knowledge that can be a matter of life or death. The risk course part 1 addresses the behaviors in traffic that are responsible for the largest proportion of accidents, many with a fatal outcome. The point of  risk course part 1 is to create an awareness around this kind of behaviour, and point out that we together have a great responsibility for both our own and  others’  lives when we get behind the wheel. 

Can you participate in the risk course part 1 without a driving permission (körkortstillstånd)?

Yes, you can participate in the risk course part 1 without having an approved driving permission from the Swedish Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen).
Since you need a driving permission to start practice driving, it is most common to have a driving permission when doing the risk education part 1, but it is not a requirement.

How long does risk training part 1 take?

The risk course part 1 takes approximately 3 hours plus time for breaks.

What is required to pass the risk Course part 1?

Two basic things are important to get approved at the risk course part 1. Firstly, you can prove your identity with a valid identity document. But also that you participate actively during the risk training class with your reflections. We also want you to share your opinions in the various assessment exercises we go through during the class.

can you participate in the risk course part 1 online?

No, you must attend the course physically with a trainer approved by the Swedish Transport Agency.

What happens when I finish the course?

Given that you meet all requirements, we will notify the Swedish Transport Agency that you have been approved. You therefore do not need to notify any authorities yourself, we will take care of that for you.

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